Saturday, January 28, 2012

Honeydew Melon Macarons...

Inspired by my new boxes and stickers hand delivered from Shanghai by Karen and a new platter from Singapore from Fiona, I decided to make some honeydew melon macarons using the Zuko juice powder.

My new macaron boxes from Karen (sticker designed by Richard)

One tip is to ensure you dissolve the juice powder in the cream (after heating) before adding the white chocolate, otherwise you will end up with a grainy result.

And here are the honeydew melon macarons on my new platter from Fiona:


  1. Very pretty! Love the sound of that flavour too.

  2. What do you use to get that golden shine on your macarons? Thank you

  3. I use an edible gold dust that I brush on with a pastry brush. You can buy it from specialty cake decorating stores.

  4. That looks so good but can you post the recipe cause I got a different honeydew flavoring and I was also wondering how do you make them look so perfect I been over mixing mine