Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter Bunny Macarons!

These have been done by others before me, but I thought I'd make some with my own twist.

To get the bunny shape, I printed some bunny templates that were simple enough to pipe out.

To make them look more like bunnies, I used a skewer and some black food dye and painted on some eyes and a nose (I attempted some whiskers on some but it was a little over the top)

Because I made them grey (this has been questioned by many who have eaten them), I added some sprinkles on the ears to add some colour.

They took the same amount of time to bake as usual (13 mins)

And I sandwiched them with banana marshmallow ganache and packaged them in cellophane bags as an alternative to easter eggs this year...


  1. Hi, I notice in your pictures here you have 3 trays going at once in a home oven? just wondering how that goes, I was told to only bake 1 tray at a time but it takes forever to bake 1 batch which is usually 4 trays worth! Thanks Lisa

  2. Yes, I was told that before too, but when baking huge batches (up to 200) there's no way you can wait that long! So I tried it and it works just fine. Just make sure the shelves aren't too close together. Perhaps try with 2 first in your oven before going to three.