Monday, May 28, 2012

Banana, Toffee and Chocolate Macarons...

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea continues in our tearoom this week. Last week, we managed to raise over $500 for the Cancer Council, and this week my contribution was inspired by leftovers in my kitchen...

I had a small, over ripe banana in my fruit bowl - hardly enough to make a banana cake or some banana muffins, so I thought I'd see if I could use it for a ganache.

I started with a dry caramel - by heating ~100g of sugar in a pan until it liquefies and then turns a golden brown. I then added some cream, folded in my mashed banana, and then added some dark chocolate. I wish I could tell you the exact quantities, but to be honest, I didn't measure anything!

Unfortunately, the ganache didn't set hard enough, so I added some more dark chocolate. The result was quite surprising - the banana flavour was so strong it almost tasted like I had added banana essence into the mixture.

For the shells, follow the generic macaron recipe here.

I made these yellow, and used a pastry brush to flick brown food dye on them so they had a speckled appearance (like a banana!).

I think I'll be making these again one day soon...and I'll measure the ingredients out next time!


  1. Banana macarons!
    Yea :)


  2. These sound really YUMMY and I wish I could know the quantities so I can try them out myself

  3. I really like making macarons, and I am looking forward to attempting these! It's like a chocolate banoffee pie - which is my favourite dessert - in a macaron - which is my favourite treat. If I can master this filling then this is going to be a winner! Thankyou