Monday, August 27, 2012

Irish Cream (Baileys) Macarons

I've finally gotten around to making Irish Cream (Baileys) macarons!

The ganache took a little experimenting - it's essentially a white chocolate ganache with irish cream in it, but I wanted to put as much irish cream in to have an intense flavour but still have the right consistency. 

For the shells,

110g ground almonds
200g icing sugar
50g caster sugar
90g egg whites
colouring of your choice

Whisk egg white to stiff peaks, gradually adding the caster sugar. Add colouring to achieve intensity you desire.

Fold almonds and icing sugar into the eggwhites, "macaroning" until you achieve the correct consistency.

Pipe rounds onto baking trays and leave until a skin forms (usually at least 30 mins, much longer if humidity is high).

Bake at 150 deg C for 12-13 mins, cool and remove from trays. Brush with edible shimmer dust if desired.

For the ganache,

100g white chocolate
35g irish cream liquor 
40g cream

Heat cream and irish cream until almost to the boil. Add white chocolate and mix until smooth. Set aside until cooled and thickened.


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  2. how many pieces does this recipe yield ?

  3. Depends on the size of the macaron you pipe, but for a standard size around 25-30 macarons.

  4. Hi just wondering what colouring you used to do the Baileys Macarons. They look coffee flavoured, are they?

  5. I use a powdered caramel colouring that I buy from a cake decorating shop.