Monday, November 26, 2012

Interview by Madam Meko from Meko Creations

I was lucky enough to be interviewed this week by Edwina (aka Madam Meko) from Meko Creations.

Edwina and her husband Matt have combined their talents to create Meko Creations, a business that offers customised party theming, cakes and cake tables for all occasions. Their creations really are amazing - I've seen and tasted them first hand!

You can visit their website here or their blog here. You'll find the interview on their blog.


  1. Hi love all your ideas and your base recipe sounds so much easier than Italian method. Can you tell me please how long the macaroons will last once baked as I'd like to make some as gifts and want to know how far in advance I can make them please.

  2. Thanks for your comments!
    Macarons freeze surprisingly well as long as you freeze them as soon as you make them.
    They can last up to a month frozen, or a week in the fridge.

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